Strategies for teaching at-risk students


My name is Dr. Amy Tilley-Allee and I have been teaching at-risk students in an alternative school setting for nine years. Over the years I have taught children from all types of life! While the interests and individual personalities have been  different, all of the children have shared one commonality...the need to be valued, respected and cared for!  Teaching at-risk students can be a challenge however, it can be extremely rewarding if educators remember a golden nugget of being successful in the classsroom...Treat every child in the manner that you would want your own child to be treated! For that matter, please consider how you felt during your own classroom days as a child! I am certain everyone remembers teachers who were the "Glenda's "of the classroom and those who were the "Wicked witches of the west"!  While I may not be able to recall what my 3rd grade teacher taught me 20 years ago, the manner in which she treated me still remains in my own personal reflections of the school year. Fortunately, I had a wonderful 3rd grade teacher but school years when this type of "luck" did not hold out.