Reflection upon one's own personal and profession philosophies  is important.

Effective teachers are honest in their own personal reflections and continually strive to identify areas needing improvement. 



Perhaps a lesson did not work out in the way you thought it should go, instead of feeling frustrated...stop and think!

1. Are there things I could have done to make the lesson go smoother? 

2. Did I consider the learning styles of my students before I conducted the lesson?

3. Ask the children!!  Who better than the child can tell you how he/she best learns? - I personally think  people have the tendency either discount, overook or avoid asking children for their opinions or suggestions.  Why not gain feedback from the children? Afterall, teachers and students are together 5 days a week...these hours spent together in close quarters really adds up. One can quickly recognize why children can be our best critics! I am certain you have a pretty good idea of which students will provide insightful feedback and those whose suggestions are outlandish--however, sometimes the feedback we need the most comes from the most unexpected don't discount the feedback of children who are not the straight "A" perfectly behaved children, seek feedback from the children who could truly benefit from additional enrichment opportunties! Okay, as far as the children who suggest bring an elephant in for show and tale or suggest science experiments that rival a nuclear bomb...just place those ideas in the files for your future teaching memiors!