American Literature & Composition

American Literature and Composition has been redesigned to combind two classes into one. This semester you will be reading literature from 10 A.D to the early 1900s. You will also be writing five essays this semester, which will review writing concepts such as: thesis, writing process, grammar, language selection, tone/meaning.


This semester we will complete the following 5 essays:

 Diagnostic Essay Essay #1: Is used to demostrate current writing ability. Looks at use of: Grammar, usage, mechanics.  (1 page)
 Personl Essay Essay #2: Shares a personal experience, reviews the writing process, discusses THESIS and WRITING PROCESS    (2 pages)
 Literary Analysis Essay #3: Interpreting a text (The Crucible), analizing  literary elements, using supporing evidence to elaborate and interpret  (3-5 pages)
 Compare and Contrast Essay #4: Compare and contrast a subject, using supporting details, organization, discuss TRANSITIONS, DETAILS, SUPPORTING DETAILS  (3-5 pages)
 Descriptive Essay Essay #5: Using language to vividly recreate a scene, understanding description to enhance an essay, discuss the FIVE SENSES  (3-5 pages)

We will be reading American Literature in the following areas:

Native American Literature

♦  The Crucible

Revolutionary Literature


Regionalism, Realism, Naturalism