Mrs. Nogueras 5th Grade

Wish List:  smiley  Band-Aids, Recess Equipment, Copier Ink (HP #60 black and/or color), Paper Plates, Paper Cups, Plastic Spoons & Forks, G-Rated Movies (VHS or DVD)

Everglades PTA Facebook Page:

Important Dates:

Spring Break:  April 10th-14th

FSA Reading:  April 18th & 19th

FSA Math:  April 24th & 25th

FCAT Science:  May 2nd & 3rd 

Kennedy Space Center Field Trip:  May 16th

IMPORTANT NOTICE ***Class Volunteers and Field Trip Chaperones MUST complete the online application and be approved in advance at

5th Grade Picnic:  May 19th

5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony (Graduation) June 7th

Early Release/Last Day of School/5th Grade Dance June 8th

Florida State Assessments: 

***5th grade:  Writing FSA, Language Arts/Reading FSA, Math FSA, Science FCAT 2.0.   For more information, go to

Florida State Assessment (FSA)  Standards Information:

***How to access online textbooks:

Once on BEEP:
Click Student Portal
Under Online Resources enter student username (10 digit student #)  and password (birthdate mm/dd/yyyy) 
(same as Virtual Counselor username and password)*
Choose desired online textbook

Water Bottles:  It is extremely important for students to stay hydrated, especially in the South Florida heat and humidity!  cool   A reusable water bottle is highly recommended throughout the day in class, and particularly during PE class!

Sweaters:  blush  It is recommended that your child have a sweater/sweatshirt with them daily as dramatic temperature changes occur depending on where we are in the school.

Rules:  enlightened

  1. Be respectful of each other, the classroom, and the teacher.
  2. Be honest.
  3. Listen carefully and follow directions.
  4. Be prepared and use your time wisely.
  5. Always follow the rules of the Otter-Riffic Behavior Program.

Behavior Systemlaugh

  • Group & Individual:  Students will earn classroom dollars each week.  Students can use their dollars to purchase items such as:  Gum,  Free Ice-Cream, Sit Next to a Friend for a Day, Eat Lunch with the Teacher, and many more!  Consequences:  Students can be fined for not following school rules,  incomplete homework, etc...  wink

Agendas/Homework:  enlightened  Students are required to accurately copy their assignments each day.  Each homework assignment is due the next school day, unless otherwise specified.  Students will be allowed 2 days for every one day absent to make up assigned work.  It is the student's responsibility to write down all assignments, and their due dates.  ***Watch for changes in due dates and test dates during school weeks containing less than 5 days.  Homework may be graded randomly.

Binders:  enlightened  Binders will be given on Fridays containing graded/checked work.  Parents:enlightened  Please go over the papers with your child paying special attention to missed questions.  Directions for how to organize the binder are on the pink signature page in the binder.  Please sign and date on the pink signature page inside the binder, and return to school on Mondays.

5th Grade Promotion Criteriaenlightened  Students must score a Level 2 or higher on the Language Arts/Reading and Math Florida State Assessments to be promoted to 6th grade.

Gradingenlightened  90-100=A, 80-89=B, 70-79=C, 60-69=D, Below 60=F  ***(+ and - are not used)  ***All D and F papers must be signed by a parent.  Student grades will be added up and divided by the amount of assignments to receive their final grade.  Grades ending in .50 or higher will be rounded up to the next whole number.

Late/Missed Assignments:  Late/Missed Assignments are reduced by 10 points for each day late.  More than 3 missed homework assignments in a subject will result in a 5 point reduction of the final report card grade for that subject.  ***Students will be charged classroom dollars for each late/missed assignment.


  • Morning Work
  • Math Minutes
  • Language Arts, Grammar, Reading
  • Recess
  • Lunch  10:47-11:17 Tables 21 & 22
  • Math
  • Special
  • Science/Social Studies

Specialssmiley  Day 1=Art  Day 2=PE (Wear sneakers & bring a water bottle)  Day 3=Science  Day 4=Music   Day 5=Media  

Media Website:   ***You can also follow Mrs. Fernandes on Twitter!  @FernandesMrs

Art Website:


  • Spelling:  Weekly homework is due on Thursdays.  Spelling tests are given on Fridays. 
  • Grammar:  Grammar practice is competed in class.  Review work will be graded.  Grammar tests are given as each unit is completed.
  • Reading:  Weekly reading tests are on Fridays and are open book.  Students are required to study the vocabulary words inside their journal for each test.  enlightenedFor Free Response questions, students must RAP:  Restate the question, give detailed Answers, and provide text evidence as Proof in order to receive full credit.  
  • Prefixes:  A list of prefixes and vocabulary words containing them are given on Fridays.  Students are required to make note cards to study from at home.  Tests will be given the following Thursday, and are a reading grade.
  • Math:  Tests will be given as each chapter is completed.  Mid-chapter checkpoints and chapter reviews will also be graded.  Students are required to study the vocabulary words for each chapter inside their journal for each chapter test.  
  • Science:  Tests will be given as each unit is completed, as open book and open notes.  Lesson brain checks and quizzes will be given throughout each unit.  Participation in each online inquiry will earn students a performance grade of 25 points.  surprise
  • Social Studies:  Tests will be given as each chapter is completed.  Students will also have a State Book in which they will be graded on their map skills.