Dear Kindergarten Families,

Welcome to Kindergarten! On Wednesday September 8th, 2011 your child will complete one of the most exciting milestones in his/her life-the first day of school! I would like to take this time to introduce myself; my name is Miss Amy Jordan and this is my third year teaching kindergarten. I graduated from Empire State college with a Bachelor's Degree in Studies in Elementary Education as well as a Master's Degree in Inclusive Childhood Grades 1-6.

My own educational experiences have taught me the importance of nurturing and loking inside each child to find and cultivate their strenths and uniqueness  to start them on their educational journey. A teacher is oly as good as the learning enviornment they create for the children. If the chidlren are accepted "as they are", nurtured and encouraged in an atmosphere of patience, diversity and inclusion, they will veiw life and education with enthusiasm.