Developing as a Professional Educator

  1. Revisit the overarching, long-term goal you set for yourself in your Initial CSTP Self-Assessment. You can find your Self-Assessment results by clicking “My Forms” on the CTI eConnect homepage and changing the default from “All” to “Submitted”. Describe your progress towards achieving this goal. Compare and contrast your Initial CSTP and your Final CSTP.  What are your areas of strength? Where are your opportunities for continuous improvement? In what ways have you surprised yourself?


  1. Describe a professional goal you have for yourself beyond induction. Why have you identified this as a need or interest? What actions will you take? How will you assess goal attainment?

  2. What actions can you take to remain a connected educator throughout your career?

  3. What can you do personally and professionally, to sustain the energy it takes to be passionate about students, teaching, and learning? (Ideas from Edutopia)

  4. Include one quote from your reflective coach or administrator about your talents or strengths.

  5. What advice do you have for new teachers entering the profession?