Skills for Life

Starting October 1, the fifth grade students are going to be challenged with a new motivational system. The goal is to encourage students to achieve behavior and academic benchmarks. The hope is that students will work hard and develop self-control strategies to make them more successful in the classroom. The other reason for the system is to acknowledge the students who already work hard and display self control by giving them a simple reward.


The fifth grade teachers have planned different academic and behavioral benchmarks that the students are going to strive to meet. If a student meets the benchmark then they will be awarded a charm. The students will also be given a chain that will connect to their book bags. As the student collects different charms they will put them on the chain connected to their book bag. 


Here are the planned benchmarks:


- Monthly behavior charms – Students will receive a charm if they pull 2 sticks or less for each given month of school starting with October.


- Cross charms – Students will be given this charm if they memorize and correctly recite each of the following prayers: Hail Holy Queen, Apostles Creed, and Morning Offering.


- Number 12 charms – Students will receive this charm if they get 100% on their multiplication and division facts.


- Book charms – Students will be required to read a certain number of books from different genres stated by Mrs. Ryan.


- Globe charms – Students will have two chances to get the globe charm. If students receive 100% on the first four geography goals or on the last four geography goals, they will receive a charm.


- Dog Tag charm – Students will receive this charm if they remember to write their name on every assignment turned in for a month.


- Birthday charm – Students will receive this charm on their birthday or half birthday.


- Honor Student charm – Students that receive A’s and B’s on their report card each quarter will receive this charm.


In conclusion, students can potentially earn 22 charms with the “Skills for Life” system.