Language Arts

Language Arts




 This year in fifth grade students will produce multiple formal writing pieces following the writing process through the steps of pre-writing, revising, editing, and publishing. We will also be focusing on six key traits of writing: Ideas, Sentence Fluency, Word Choice, Organization, Voice, and Conventions.


We are currently working on our personal narratives, highlighting personal achievements. 


 Click on the link below to view room 15's recent persona poem podcasts. Students wrote vivid poems from the perspective of a classroom object, and applied their knowledge of personification to give their object human or animal like qualities. The poems are very impressive, I hope you enjoy! 


 *** Persona Podcasts ***




 In reading we will focus on reading a variety of different genres, analyzing texts, and practicing higher level comprehension skills. Students will produce projects, participate in literature book groups, and write formal and informal responses to literature.