Hello Parents, 

Since kindergarten is the foundation that all other grades are built on then some of what we do here is specifically to get them ready for the upper grades.  Homework is one of those things. Also, most kindergarteners love schoolwork or homework so relax and have fun with them.  However, having said that, there is one thing I do need your help with and that is the sight word list.  There are 70 sight words, some of which can be sounded out, but many just have to be memorized.  That's where you come in, please make flash cards and flash the sight words at least once every night.  The first week of school, and thereafter,  I will be sending a newsletter/homework sheet home every Monday.  Please look for it.  On it will be the introduced sight words, letters and letter sounds.  I will also put any notes of special interest on it.  
Have a great year with your little scholar.  I know I will,
Amy Wilson
Sight Words or High Frequency Words
Thank you so much for your help!!
First Nine Weeks: me, my, I, a, the, and, go, like, had, he, see, play, has, you
Second Nine Weeks:we, red, yellow, of, not, blue, green, in, am, purple, at, to, orange, as, have, brown, is, it, black, can, his, white, him, on, gray, pink
Third Nine Weeks: did, girl, for, but, up, all, here, look, with, her, what, was, were, said, that, make, down, they
Forth Nine Weeks: some, there, boy, out, come, do, little, when, then, be, she, eat