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 Chapters from Textbook

Chapter 1

The Land 
Chapter 2

The Earliest Americans


Chapter 3

The Coming of the Europeans 


Chapter 4

Settling English America
Chapter 5

A Permanent Settlement at Charles Town 

Chapter 6

Wealth and Slavery in Carolina 

Chapter 7

Royal Government in South Carolina 
Chapter 8

Life in the Carolina Low Country 

Chapter 9

Opening the Back Country 
Chapter 10

The Coming of the American Revolution

Chapter 11

The War for Independence 
Chapter 12

Creating a New Nation 

Chapter 13

Governing the Republic Federalists and Republicans 

Chapter 14

The Age of Nationalism 
Chapter 15

SC on the Defensive in the Age of Jackson

Chapter 16

Life in the Antebellum Years 
Chapter 17

Manifest Destiny – A Threat to the Union 
Chapter 18

The Road to War 
Chapter 19

The Civil War 
Chapter 20

Chapter 21

The Conservative Era 
Chapter 22

Life and Work in the Postbellum Years 
Chapter 23

Tillman and the Rise of the Farmers 
Chapter 24

The Progressive Movement
Chapter 25

Prosperity and Depression
Chapter 26

The New Deal and the Second World War
Chapter 27

Readjustment at Home and Cold War Abroad
Chapter 28

Years of Hope, Years of Trial 
Chapter 29

American and State Government 
Chapter 30

County and Municipal Government