Mrs. Adams's 1st grade Superstars


This school year is sure to be a STAR-STUDDED event! Image result for image of a star

With action-packed adventures in reading, spelling, math, science and social studies. This webpage is here to provide you and your student with all the neccessary information to make transitioning to 1st grade a breeze. Take time to communicate with your student on the new adventures that they will be experiencing in 1st grade. Such as: becoming more independent, learning to read and write, and having more of a routine. 1st grade academics consist of information reading, developing reading skills, phonics and word recognition. Your student will develop writing skills, vocabulary knowledge, and speaking and listening skills.  On this webpage you will find information about how to help your student be successful in 1st grade, some information about myself, and ways to contact me with any questions or concerns. Please take a few minutes and look over all the information. Together we can make this year the best year for all!


We have 5 rules in our class : 

1. The Golden Rule: Treat others how you would like to be treated and respect everyone.

2. Raise your hand and actively listen while others are speaking.

3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

4. Be prepared for class.

5. Remain seated until told otherwise. 

**All student are expected to follow all rules** Rules allow all of us the possibilty to learn in a safe enviroment.

Intergity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching"
- C.S. Lewis


1. Verbal Warning/Discussion with teacher. 

2. Written Warning

3. Loss of recess

4. A call home to parents. 

**Consequences will be enforced** Further action will be taken by administration. 


As individuals, students will work on a reward system of smiley, normal, or sad face everyday and this will be recorded in their agenda for parents to sign off on everyday. A week of smiley faces will be rewarded with 5 extra points on a test, free homework pass, a piece of candy, free pass to sit where you want in class or lunch room, and other similar rewards. As a whole the class will earn skittle points to be placed in a jar. For example, 2 skittles will be given if the entire class was good that day, 3 skittles will be rewarded if another teacher, administration, or staff member compliements the class on their behavior or performace. Once the jar is filled to a certain point rewards will be given such as 15 minutes of extra recess, an ice cream party, and then completely filled will receive a pizza party. 


Grading System 

80-100 Satisfactory
65-79 Below Satisfactory
64 and lower - Needs Improvement

Grades will be displayed on PowerSchool provided by the Board of Education. Report cards

are sent home every 9 weeks. Follow the link below to access Powerschool or visit the Board

of education website.


Bleckley County Board of Education

Bleckley County Primary School


Digital Citizenship

We will be creating responsible digital citizens in 1st grade. A responsible digital citizen shows knowledge of how to use the internet properly. Meaning not giving out personal information online, do not download alone, do not respond to a bully or be a bully, copy, paste, and print, and if something does not seem right tell an adult immediately. Check out the Cyber-Five Internet Safety rules on


Additional Information

Homework- This is a new experience for 1st graders. Please help your child adjust to this change. There typically will not be much homework sent home. It is a good rule of thumb to have your child read their A.R. (Accelerated Reader) book at least 15 minutes a night. This helps build a child's vocabulary, knowledge, and can be mentally stimulating. 

Our class will follow all the rules that are laid out in the rule book with accordance to appropiate clothing, attendance, and report grade information. Please visit Bleckley County Board of Education or Bleckley County Primary School for more information such as office hours, principle information, and school calender in the link provided above. 

Please know that I am always here with any additional assistance that is needed to make this year the best one possible for you and your student.

Adventure Awaits Us in 1st Grade!

Mrs. Adamsheart