P.E. Rules and Procedures


A - Act safely: Move carefully and use equipment with care

B - Be prepared: Wear athletic shoes and proper exercising clothes. Remember: no food and gum.

C - Cooperate: Treat your teacher and classmates the way you like to be treated. Remember: If someone in class is having trouble, help instead of laughing.

D - Do your best: Listen and follow directions, stay on task, and have a positive attitude


1. Beginning of the class: walk in quietly and sit down on the white line. Have shoes tied when teacher begins teaching.

2. Warm-up: begin by walking, jogging, skipping and galloping around the court (2 laps). Then we will perform the rest of our warm-up together.

3. Directions time: Sit back down on the black line and listen as teacher explains what we are going to learn today.

4. Participation: All students will participate in activities and play nicely with others. Remember: “Don’t cry, try” and “Try your hardest”

5. Cool down: students will walk one lap around the court after we complete our lesson. Then you will work on a sequence of stretches. This is to give your muscles time to "cool down" and relax after working out. By doing this you can greatly reduce your risk of injury.

6. End of the class: sit down on black line and wait for your turn to get water and go back to your next class.