What does it look like in our classroom?

We learn math through stations. One station is a mini lesson of a new concept that is led by a teacher. One station is games with partners to reinforce the concepts we are currently learning. One station is practicing skills using IXL on the computers. In addition, there is a reteach station that focuses on skills students need additional practice with.


We have currently worked on Chapter 1: Rounding and estimation, adding and subtracting up to 3 digits using a variety of strategies, word problem with 2 steps (addition and subtraction)

telling time to the nearest 5 minutes,

Chapter 3: multiplication facts (0,1,2,5,10), exploring a variety of multiplication strategies, word problems with 1 and 2 steps 

Chapter 6: division using a variety of straegies, the relationship between division and subtraction


Here are some helpful sites for additonal practice of math skills: