Students have covered the following in reading groups:

Vocabulary skills:  compound words, context clues, synonyms and antonyms, similes, prefixes

Comprehension strategies: visualizing , ask and answer questions, reread, make predictions

Comprehension skills: character traits, sequencing, main idea and details

Grammar: Nouns, Plural nouns, proper and common nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives

Text structures: author's purpose, cause and effect, sequencing, main idea and details,

Text features: graphs, headings, captions, photographs, illustrations, events, 


Students have worked all term on writing reading short answer responses.  Sentence 1 is an answer sentence that rephrases the question and adds an answer to the question. The second sentence is text evidence from the story that helps to support their answer.    In term 2, we will begin to work on open response writing which includes 2-3 pieces of text evidence.

We have also been practicing our reading stamina when reading to ourselves. It begins by picking a good fit book and finding a nice spot to read away from distractions.