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Working mechanism of U-bolt connection

U-bolts are the primary joint fasteners for steel structures. They are generally used for jointing, fixing, positioning and other structural bolts in steel structures. Joint bolts used in steel structures are generally divided into two types: high-strength screw inspection.

Use general bolts as the fastening fasteners, or use high-strength bolts without applying the tightening axial force.TheĀ U-Bolts connection is the general bolt connection, that is, the bolt connection in the general sense; high-strength bolts are used as the fastening fasteners. And the connection of steel structure which exerts the connection effect by applying the tightening axial force on the bolt is called high-strength bolt connection.

It is a schematic illustration of two types of bolting operation mechanism. In the meantime, it is a conflicting high-strength bolt connection operation mechanism. After applying a tightening axial force to the DIN 976, the conflicting effect will be caused by clamping the jointed steel plate. When the external force is applied, the external force is transmitted by the collision between the contact surfaces of the connecting plates, and the stress flow is smoothly transmitted through the contact surface without stress concentration. Generally, the bolt joint is slipped after the external force is applied to the joint.The external force is transmitted through the shear of the bolt rod and the bearing wall pressure.