Mrs. A's Classroom Policies

Mrs. Anderson’s 8th Grade English Class Policies    

My Objectives for you:I would like 8th Grade English to be a positive experience for you. If you come prepared and have a respectful attitude, it should be.   We will be reading and discussing great stories, working to strengthen our writing and thinking skills, developing our vocabulary, and talking about how all this applies to the real world. 

The most important rule to remember in Mrs. Anderson's class


 (for others, for the teacher, for school property, for yourself) 

Other Important Policies:

Tardies:  You need to be in your seat when the bell rings or you are considered tardy.  Getting five tardies earns a visit to the principal and loss of participation points. 

Late Work Policy:  School policy allows two days after you miss a day to turn in missed homework (when you have an excused absence).  Anything turned in late will receive a 25% - 50% grade cut.  Students have two weeks to turn in unexcused late work.  After that, no late work accepted.   

Hall Passes:  A student is allowed four hall passes per trimester for bathroom breaks unless a parent notifies me that more are needed. 

Detention:  Students who cause disciplinary problems in the classroom get two warnings before I assign detention.  Students who receive a detention slip are required to stay after or before school or come during lunch.  Detention requires a hand-written essay to be completed before the student can leave. 

Grades:  Grading will be on a point system, with a 94% -100% as an A, 90% - 93% as an A-, 87% - 89% as a B+, 84% - 86% as a B, etc.

Extra Credit:  Applies only when student finishes required work by due date. 


  1. Composition notebook (hardcover, available at Walmart and Kmart)                 
  2. Pen or pencil                 
  3. Binder to keep handouts in—can be the same binder as other subjects) 

Participation:  in addition to participating in daily in-class assignments and discussions, you are expected to bring your composition notebook to class everyday, along with a pen/pencil. Those students who do not participate (leave their writing tools in the locker, sit and stare, bug their neighbors, doodle in their books when they’re supposed to be doing something else) will lose  citizenship points and may be subject to disciplinary measures. Questions?  email at or if it’s urgent, call the school at 359-3310. 

Student signature indicating you have read and understood the policy:     


Guardian signature indicating you have read and understood the policy:    


p.s.  This form is an assignment.  It needs to be signed by both student and guardian and returned to Mrs. Anderson to get credit.