About Mrs. Anderson

 Mrs. Anderson

Dawn Anderson received her secondary teaching certificate from Idaho State University where she also received her M Ed degree in reading education.  She is married to David and has three sons, Thomas, Stephen, and Samuel.  Mrs. Anderson  loves everything outdoors, including camping, hiking, skiing, snowboarding, mountain bike riding, and climbing. 


Her philosophy is that everyone deserves to learn and that a democracy is built on the availability of quality education to all. 

 Mrs. A

What you can do to help your student succeed in English: 

1.      Go on to Powerschool and check grades periodically.

2.      Ask your student what she did in class today.  Students perform better when they know parents take an interest in what they are learning.

3.      Look through your student’s composition journal now and then.

4.      Encourage your student to read something he has written in his journal.

5.      Ask your student weekly about upcoming assignments and due dates.

6.      Now and then read to your student and have your student read to you

7.      Encourage and support your student, even if she falls short of expectations

8.      Email me with any questions.  AndersonDa@mail.d321.k12.id.us (phone # 359-3310)  I can email major assignments to you upon request.