Major Upcoming Assignments

Attention Parents:  

For Anderson English 8b          

 In addition to weekly vocab and grammar quizzes, students will have the following major projects, papers, and tests which will comprise most of their grade

 Major Tests:

  •  English Comprehensive Assessment (Pre-test) 
  •         In-class-Novel Test  when we finish the book (1st and 2nd tri only)
  •     Anne Frank Test (3rd tri only)
  •          DWA (Direct Writing Assessment) date to be determined.  In-class essay test with prompt
  •         English Comprehensive Assessment (Post-test)

   Other Major Assignments:

  • Bud, Not Buddy This is a novel we will be reading in class during the month of  Dec. and January
  • Bud, Not Buddy Packet Due Students will be working on an in-class packet during this time. There is ample time for students to finish the packet in class, unless the student gets behind, then it becomes homework. Due end of January
  • Independent Novel A novel students choose themselves to read (as homework) during the month of  January and February.  You may want to supervise the choice of novels and then check on your student’s progress as he reads..  Independent Novel Packet There is a packet associated with this that students will work on at home.  May include a class presentation.  Due end of March
  • Cause/Effect Essay Due in Jan. 15   Watch for details
  • Poetry Packet & recitation Due Feb. 17

           Students will keep all their daily written assignments in their comp journal.  This will be handed in for a grade about every two weeks.

   What you can do to help your student succeed in English:

1.      Go on to Powerschool and check grades periodically.

2.      Ask your student what she did in class today.  Students perform better when they know parents take an interest in what they are learning.

3.      Look through your student’s composition journal now and then.

4.      Encourage your student to read something he has written in his journal.

5.      Ask your student weekly about upcoming assignments and due dates.

6.      Now and then read to your student and have your student read to you

7.      Encourage and support your student, even if he falls short of expectations

8.      Email me with any questions. (phone # 359-3310)  I can email major assignments to you upon request.