Fun Stuff

 View of Grand Tetons from Grand Targhee Ski Resort 

Create A Comic Strip to print and turn in.  Go to the following website and watch the demo if you have never done this before.  Then click ENTER.   

Your comic must have the following features: 

1.  four panels

2.  three characters

3.  three objects

4.  word bubbles in each panel

5.  Have one character tell another character a joke.  If you don't know any jokes, go to this website:

When you are finished, click on the NEXT arrow by your panels for the feature that allows you to print.  This program does NOT let you save.  Remember that you can change your characters' emotions, directions, size, etc.  You can also put in colored backgrounds, cityscapes, etc.  Take some time experimenting with what you can do.

 Ready?  Go to the website now: