Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter



Mrs. Hickman’s Kindergarten Newsletter

                                                                               September 25  – September 29



Thanks so much to all of the Grandparents who came during Grandparent’s Night!!! We really appreciate you! J


                                                                            Tuesday – Poetry                Thursday - Reading


Five Senses

Apple Graph

Johnny Appleseed Day (Mon.)

Sight Words

                                                                                                  a        I        see


                                                                                       Numbers 0-9 (counting and writing)





Reading / Language Arts

Quick introduction to the letters Yy and Zz. We will do a letter a day. We will discuss sounds and how to write the letter. We will start a more thorough study of the each letter after this quick introduction.

Concepts of Print – Front and back of book, author, illustrator, title page, one word, one letter, two letters, one word, and etc.

Rhyme, blending sounds to read words, beginning sounds, syllables, words and sentences, word length, punctuation, onset and rime, and color words                                     

Big book –Rhyming Around the Alphabet       Poems – Mary Had a Little Lamb


King and Queen Writing

Senses, Letters and Names

Preserving Yesterday, Excelling Today, and Preparing for Tomorrow