Andolsen Teaching Adeventures<br>

  • What are valuable things you learned this year about yourself and your students?

The valuable things I learned about this year are to never give up on myself or my students. As a teacher I know that I need to set the example of being positive and encouraging but even as the teacher you experience days of feeling like nothing is going well. Sometimes it seems like everytime you think that a struggling student might not be able to finish the year strong, I have been surprised by how many students grew! I was impressed that by staying positive as their teacher and not giving up on my struggling students that it ended up paying off! This was a good feeling. Also, I have learned that you truly can never be positive enough with your class. This really helps the students perform better on assessments and socially in class.

  • How do you think you grew?

I think I grew by going out of my comfort zone and really learning how to use a lot of technology with my students. My job share partner has taught me so much and has encouraged me to try new things which I think is helping me grow as an educator.

  • Where do you want to direct your growth in the future?

I want to continue to grow as a teacher. I think the only way to continue to be successful in this profession is to never stop trying to learn and grow.

  • What common themes are you hearing from our learning community?

Common themes I am hearing from our learning community is that everyone has tried new things this year and has shown growth from the support we have received.