Mrs. Manian's Super Stars

Welcome to First Grade!  This year is going to be an amazing year.  First grade is full of learning and many great adventures.  I have set this website to keep you informed on the latest happenings throughout the year.  I am planning on updating this website weekly.  When you get a chance, take some time to browse the website and become familiar with the pages and tools I have set up.  It's not too fancy, but hopefully user friendly!


 Don't forget the first day of school is Monday, August 15th.  The school day officially begins at 8:40am.  Please bring a snack and a water bottle!


Class Schedule

8:25-8:50  Morning Routine

8:50-9:10 Calendar/Phonics/Morning Meeting

9:10-9:20 Bathroom Break

9:20-9:40 Word Work

9:40-10:05 Read to Self

10:05-10:55 Literacy Groups/Centers

10:55-11:30 Recess/Lunch

11:30-11:50  Poetry/Read to Someone

11:45-12:30 Writing

12:30-12:40 Bathroom Break

12:40-1:40 Math 

1:40-2:00 Recess

2:00-2:20 Snack/Interactive Read Aloud

2:20-3:20 Specials

3:25 Dissmissal


Specials Schedule