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Accelerated Algebra II

Welcome PHS Tigers!

This Week's Agenda:

Monday August 20th, 2007: Calculator Lockdown -TBA

Tuesday August 21st, 2007: Lesson 1.6 Linear Inequalities Review Hw Pgs 44-45 Problems 3-33 odd e.o.o., 37-47 odd, 52-56 all

Wednesday August 22nd, 2007: Lesson 1.7 Absolute Value Inequalities & Equations Hw Pgs 55-57 Problems 1-31 odd e.o.o., 33-39 odd, 43-61 odd e.o.o., 74-80 even

Thursday August 23rd, 2007:  Chapter Review to be checked in class

Friday August 24th, 2007: Chapter 1 Exam 30 M.C. 1 Open Response Item



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