Unit 5


Two Bad Ants

Focus Wall           Vocabulary Word List

Lesson 21
What is the problem in the story?
Genre: Fantasy
Story Summary
   When an ant scout returns home with a mysterious crystal, the queen ant decides it is the most delicious food she has ever tasted. That evening the other ants, wishing to make the queen happy, set off on a journey to fetch as many of these crystals as they can carry. The journey is a dangerous one. Following the scout, the ants travel through the "forest" to the "mountain" they must climb in order to reach the treasure. 
   In the world of the human kitchen, the ants find the bowl of delicious crystals. Hurrying home, they fail to notice that two small ants have stayed behind. The two ants have decided to tarry and eat crystals to their hearts' content. When morning comes, the ants are violently awoken by a large scoop lifting them out of the crystal jar and dropping them into a hot brown liquid. They manage one narrow escape after another until finally they decide to choose one last crystal each and leave this strange and frightening place. 

The Journeys:  Stories Of Migration
Focus Wall
How are animals' lives alike and different?
Genre: Informational Text
Dog Of The Sea Waves
Focus Wall
What happens if you tell story events out of order?
The Journey Of Oliver K.Woodman
Why might a writer tell a story about a far away place?
Mountians:  Surviving On Mt. Everest
Focus Wall
How are headings, maps, and diagrams helpful to readers?