10th grade American History

American History 10

Chesapeake High School

2007-2008 School Year


Teacher:  Mr. Clark

Room:  212

Planning Period: 7th  (1:58-2:48 p.m.)

Phone:  867-5958 ext. 3240

Email:  andy.clark@peake.k12.oh.us


Materials Needed

-Bring textbook to class every day

-Binder or Notebook for American History ONLY

-Pen or Pencil

 Student Conduct

Students will follow the classroom rules posted on the bulletin board.  Any failure to uphold these rules will result in consequences to be determined by the teacher or administration.

 Academic Honesty

Any student caught cheating on a test, quiz, daily assignment, or other classroom activity will receive a zero for the activity. 


During the course of the year, the following types of assignments and assessments will be conducted on the following weighted scales:

 Tests………………...50 % of gradeDaily Assignments….30% of gradeQuizzes…...................10% of gradeParticipation………..10% of grade Extra Credit

Extra credit may be obtained during each nine-week grading period.  It is optional and will be limited.  The teacher reserves the right to decide what is required for extra credit, when it will be offered, and how much it is worth.  Extra credit will not be offered to individuals.  Extra credit opportunities will be offered to all classes and students equally. 


With the emphasis placed on the Ohio Graduation Test by the state of Ohio and No Child Left Behind, students will be assessed many times throughout the school year.  These tests will be varied and will consist of several formats including multiple choice, short answer, and extended response, all of which are found in all sections of the Ohio Graduation Test. 

 Daily Assignments

During the course of the year, students will be engaged in many different activities in class.  These may include work from class discussions, group projects, research, presentations, enrichment activities, and other assignments throughout the year.  Daily assignment activities will be based on both effort and quality of work. 


Several quizzes will be given before each test.  This will allow for both the students and the teacher to see where areas of improvement need to be made.  Quizzes will be announced at least one day in advance.


Students should get involved in class discussions and will cooperate during group activities.  Participation is based solely on students’ presence in class and effort during the above mentioned activities.  An excused absence will result in no loss of participation points for the day.