Rules / Expectations


In 2nd grade the students are expected to start taking responsibility for theirselves. The students are responsible for having their agenda at school everyday and turning in their homework. The students are responsible for keeping up with their personal items, which include coat, pencil and crayons.

School and Classroom Rules

Class Rules:                            

1.      Follow directions the first time given.

2.      Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3.      Stay in your seat, unless you have been given permission to get up.

4.      Keep all hands, feet, and personal items to yourself.

5.      Follow the Kate Bond Noise Levels in appropriate areas                                   

Level 0 = No Talking                                   

Level 1 = Whisper (classroom)                                   

Level 2 = Regular Conversation Voice (classroom, cafeteria)                                   

 Level 3 = Leader Voice (speaking to a group)                                   

Level 4 = Loud Voice (playground) 

Classroom Rewards:

Verbal PraiseTreatsStickers / Phone Call Home / Positive Note Home / Extra Curricular Activities During School 

Classroom Behavior Consequences:

1.      No checks is an E

2.      1-2 checks is a Warning = Conduct in agenda will say E / W (Which means conduct E with a warning)

3.      3-5 checks is an S = 10 minutes in time out.

4.      6-7 checks is an N = 20 minutes in time out, phone call home along with a letter explaining the occurrence , which will be stapled to the agenda.

5.      8 or more checks is a U = No Extra Curricular time, a phone call home along with a letter written by the student explaining the occurrences and how to behave in the future to parents, which will be stapled to the agenda, Minor Infraction Report (MIR), and a silent lunch. 

Playground Rules:

1.      Always play respectfully.

2.      Share the equipment.

3.      Stay within the playground boundaries.

4.      Stay away from stray animals.

5.      If you are injured, go to a teacher.

6.      Line up to go inside when asked to do so. 

Restroom Rules:

1.      No talking ( Level 0 ).

2.      Always walk in the restroom.

3.      Always use your best behavior and be respectful of others in the restroom.  

Hallway Rules:

1.      Always walk.

2.      No talking ( Level 0 ).

3.      Stay in your place in line.

4.      Walk on the gray squares.

5.      Keep hands and feet to yourself. 

Cafeteria Rules:

1.      Walk at all times.

2.      Level Zero in the serving line.

3.      Once you sit down, you may not get up.

4.      Raise your hand for help.

5.      Talk at a Level 2 or below. 

Bike Riders Safety Rules:

1.      Always wear a helmet.

2.      Know how to use the brakes.

3.      Watch for cars and other traffic.

4.      Do not ride on a busy road or street.

5.      Ride on the sidewalk.           

Bus Riders Safety Rules: (These bus rules apply to ALL STUDENTS due to Field Trips)

1.      Follow directions of the driver.

2.      Sit in an assigned seat if given one.

3.      Always keep your arms, head and feet in side the bus at all times.

4.      Stay seated while bus is in motion.

5.      Be kind and respectful to others. 

Walking Home Rules:

1.      Leave the school ONLY when walkers are called over the intercom.

2.      Cross the street at the crosswalks

.3.      Stay on the path that you and your parents have discussed.

4.      Go straight home after school.

5.      Do not talk to strangers.