Mr. Angeloni's Wiki

Welcome to my website that will be your online resource for information on all my 6th grade social classes, the Lockerman Middle School National Junior Honor Society Chapter, and the LMS Chess Club. On the topbar menu you will find links to not only this homepage but to the other key areas of the site. This front page will be reserved for important announcements and other offsite links that are relevant. Below this you will find two important pieces of information. The first is my UPDATES section, which will list all recent updates made to various sections of the site. The second is for parents of incoming students and parents for the 2013-2014 school year that have me as their Social Studies teacher. The form you see below is a Google Docs Parent Contact Form. I ask that you fill it out with the required information on your student. This information will be used for two purposes: To create an email address list so I can email information peridoically to parents, and to have a workable contact list incase I need to get in touch with any parents through e-mail, phone, etc. on a one on one basis.


This section where will I will post homework assignment and test information. Depending on the assignment I will also sometimes post a link to extra copies of the assignment. Please check this area for all information on my social studies classes, Chess Club, and National Jr. Honor Society.

UPDATES (11/8/2013):

A-day - Your students have a unit test on ALL of their Early Human materials on 11-12-13, Tuesday.

B-day - Your students have a unit test on ALL of their Early Human materials on 11-13-13, Wednesday.

The last link is a link to my school e-mail address. Feel free to contact me at: