Why Serviced Apartments Are the Best Choice

When you are considering choosing accommodation for a holiday, business trip or medical stay you will either opt for a hotel or serviced apartments. While hotels used to be a common preference of people but now has changed to service apartments for the hoards of benefits you can avail by staying in one. When it comes to booking a well-earned holiday in your dream location, finding a perfect accommodation for your business trip or finding perfect apartment at right location for your medical stay is always crucial. Arriving at your destination only to be handed the keys to an uninspired hotel room or cramped cottage can be the undoing of all your plans. That’s why we recommend you join the many thousands who has already converted and turned their search to serviced apartments. With a whole catalogue of benefits,  serviced apartments make ideal home-away from-home.




Ideal for Families, Group of Friends, Business Traveller or even Medical Stay.


Serviced apartments are suitable for all. Serviced apartments come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there will always be a choice to suit you. No matter how many are in your party, a serviced apartment provides a homely setup comprised of private bedrooms, lounge, kitchen and balcony. Having a multi-roomed apartment allows you to come together as a family or friends groups for meals or fun and games, but also enjoy time away from each other when you want a quiet moment.

Our Modern service apartment near Apollo Hospital Chennai is located in the heart of the city with a good residential, hospitals and tourists spot connects. We have rooms that have got more space than a common hotel room with a kitchen that includes utensils to cook and laundry facilities.


Amazing Value and Availability


Beautiful and luxury Service apartments in Chennai come in many forms, but always at excellent rates

Surprising to many, hotel rooms are rarely the best value option. Despite the incredible facilities and space serviced apartments afford, they are almost always less expensive than other forms of accommodation. But wait, it gets even better for those planning on a long-stay holiday; serviced apartments offers even more amazing value.


Hotels in Greams Road Chennai or other parts of Chennai tend to be clustered in busy city areas in long established buildings – with little ability to expand or enhance their accommodation. This results in a limited selection of locations as well as rooms short on space. Contrastingly, serviced apartments tend to be spread throughout cities – right from the most travel convenient locations to those prime areas at a peaceful remove from the busy city but with excellent transportation access. For travellers looking for room near Apollo Children Hospital or the main Hospital Angson apartment is the perfect for it. There is a wide range of apartments available, from budget to luxury, with amazing interiors and best quality furnishing. Our Serviced Apartments offer a completely equipped kitchen, high-quality bed linen, and toiletries. The home entertainment facilities are also provided by Angson Service Apartment. With Angson being the best service apartment in Chennai we have a vast selection ready for you to book for your next hassle free accommodation.


The Best Features and Facilities


From the simple and functional to the luxurious and stylish, there is a serviced apartment to suit each taste and budget

The real selling point of Angson serviced apartment is its fantastic range of features and facilities. With each apartment complex being a unique creation, there is an apartment, and corresponding set of features, to cater to every budget. But even the bare minimum array of features we ensure comes with quality and with all the necessary facilities. We have apartments with or without fully furnished kitchen, living space, housekeeping services, front desk, security staff and CCTV – provides an element of luxury and convenience with which a hotel can’t compete. The addition of a kitchen in these self-catering apartments not only reduces the expense of constantly eating out, but also adds to safety during this recent covid times this adds to another dynamic to your stay. The option to cook and eat together, adds to the holiday atmosphere of having your own special home-from-home. Everyone likes staying in a place where there is a great ambiance to stay and proper hygiene is maintained. In service, apartment cleaning is a central aspect of everyday operations. Cleaning schedules at highly maintained. Enjoying the privacy, peace and security of your apartment will transform your holiday into one that is truly memorable and stress-free.