Supply List


                       EXCELSIOR CHARTER ACADEMY

         Ms. Ramos’ First Grade Supply List     


                                   *PLEASE PLACE STUDENT'S NAME ON ALL SUPPLIES* 



12- #2 Pencils

1-Pencil Sharpener

1 – Pencil Box

2- Block Erasers

2- Packs of 16 crayons

1-Activity/Puzzles/Coloring book

1-Pair of Scissors

2-Bottles of Elmer’s glue

2-Pocket Folders (Red and Blue)

1-Pack of handwriting paper

2-Reams of Copy Paper

1-Box of Kleenex

1-Clorox Wipes

1-Baby Wipes

1-Composition Book

1-Pack of Colored Pencils

1-Pack of Markers

1-Paint Set

1-Pack of Index Cards

1-Pack of Construction Paper (pick one color: red, blue, green, white, pink, yellow)

1-Change of Clothes

-your favorite book


1-Disposable Camera

1-Hand Sanitizer

1-Pack Expo Dry Erase markers

1- Dry Eraser

1-Roll of Paper Towels

-Daily bottled water because there are no fountains in the room (H20 only!)

                                                               *PLEASE PLACE STUDENT'S NAME ON ALL SUPPLIES*