My Classroom Website

Hello, my name is Anita Bouchelle. I am so excited to be a part of your child's education. I believe in working as a team, so that your third grader will flourish this year! Please feel free to contact me by email or phone. I welcome classroom visits as well. Parent conferences must be scheduled with the front office. I encourage you to be part of this adventure. My goal is to provide an environment that will stimulate the learning process. Students and Parents/Guardians are welcome to visit the classroom webpage often for announcements, fun photos and homework tips.

My teaching philosphopy:

I believe that each student can reach their

goals by developing a love of lifetime learning.  

The teacher can meet each child on their level through interaction, engaging and encouraging the Whole child.

Teachers foster a love of learning by engaging the whole child, including the Head, Heart and Hands.

     Teachers Plant the seeds think, love, and create for  children to grow.

Teachers Nurture the child, socially, emotionally and physically, They encourage the child flourish each day.

Teachers prepare the child for lifelong learning, so they

may become anything they dream!

The most important thing a child discovers during the first eight years of

life is that they are capable of achieving any goal they set for themselves.

When students learn to explore and initiate their own learning,

the world will  be open, and the possibilities are endless.