Ms. Bouchelle’s 3rd grade Classroom

I am so excited that we will be working as a team this year. We will help each other by building friendships and encouraging each other. You will be responsible for your work area, assignments, behavior and citizenship skills. When we work as a team, or like a family, we will accomplish many goals. I will reward students each week for being a well behaved citizen. I look forward to this school year because I will be able to spend each day with you, my classroom family! 

Welcome to first grade! Kayla, Steven, Grace, Bruce, Jessie, Spencer, Savannah, Michael, Drew, Olivia, Jonathan, David, Lee, Gabby, Jay, Caleb, Hannah, Blake, Joey, Reece and Emily

Please use the Boomerang  Journal daily as a form of communication. I look forward to your comments and suggestions. Please use the newsletter to view upcoming events. The weekly spelling words are on the back.Check out the “Spot Light”...your child may be the STAR!


Spelling test is each Friday   Read 20 minutes each night   P.E. is each Wednesday