About me


Why I have chosen to teach

I want to make a difference in childrens lives. I want to teach them how to explore and learn. Give them the building blocks to help them achieve their goals, and build their self esteem. I believe in teaching the whole child. The whole child perspective is a balance between physical, affection and intellectual activities. All children are unique and learn in different ways. I plan on using Garners multiple intelligences to create individual lesson plans to engage the students. I will also be using a creative curriculum that allows the students to experiment with hands on learning.

My experience

I have worked with many different ages of children. They are all unique and very special. I believe that I am a good teacher because I listen to the children. I create lesson plans based on their interest. I play alongside them and make the learn process fun with create activities. I want the children to learn with their head, heart and hands. I am compassionate, caring and focused on the whole child.

I believe in planting the seeds think, love, and create to help children to grow. A teachers job is to nurture the child, socially, emotionally and physically to prepare the child for lifelong learning, so they may become anything they dream.