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Welcome to Kingston Elementary 

Where our mission is: 

To educate all students to understand the past,

  learn the present,

and flourish in the future as lifelong learners. 

Where our commitment is:  

Graduation and Beyond.......Creating Lifelong Learners

Address: 240 Hardin Bridge Road Kingston, Georgia 30145

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Principal's Message 

Mrs. Stefany Howard



All of us at Kingston Elementary want to make this a successful year for your child.

I cannot wait to continue our tremendous progress in all academic areas at Kingston.

The goal of our school is to provide each student with challenging and rigorous curriculum appropriate to his/her academic level.

Our success at Kingston Elementary is directly linked to our ability to operate as a team (staff, students and parents).

We love volunteers and encourage you to get involved in any way that works best for you...if you are interested, we will find a place for you to contribute.

We are excited about a brand new year ahead. We look forward to working with you to help each of our students have a very successful year...full of learning, friendship and adventure.



Please contact @ 770.606.5800, ext. 4652


Bartow County School System Handbook


Each student is expected to:

Demonstrate courtesy and respect for others;

Behave in a responsible manner;

Attend all classes regularly and on time;

Be prepared for each class; take appropriate materials and assignments to class;

Pursue and attempt to complete the course of study prescribed by the state and local school


Dress and groom to meet fair standards of health and common standards of decency;

Respect the rights and privileges of other students, teachers and other Bartow County School

System staff;

Respect the property of others, including Bartow County School System property and facilities;

Cooperate with or assist the school staff in maintaining safety, order and discipline; and

Avoid violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

A student, whose behavior shows disrespect for others, including interference with their access to a

public education and/or safe environment will be subject to disciplinary action. The Bartow County

School System or individual schools may impose school or classroom rules in addition to those found

in the Student Code of Conduct. These rules may be posted in classrooms and may or may not

constitute violations of the Student Code of Conduct.

Discipline Authority

School rules and the authority of the Bartow County School System to administer discipline apply

whenever the interest of the school is involved on or off school grounds in conjunction with, or

independent of, classes and school sponsored activities.

The Bartow County School System has disciplinary authority over a student:

During the regular school day and while the student is going to and from school;

While the student is in attendance at any school related activity, regardless of time or location;

For any school related misconduct, regardless of time or location;

When retaliation against a school employee is involved, either on or off school property; and

When the student commits a felony offense, as provided by the Official Code of Georgia


In general, discipline will be designed to correct the misconduct and to encourage all students to

adhere to their responsibilities as citizens of the school community. Disciplinary action will draw on

the professional judgment of teachers and administrators and on a range of discipline management

techniques. Examples of discipline management technique would include referral to a counselor

and/or Student Support Team. Disciplinary action will be related to the seriousness of the offense,

the student’s age and grade level, the frequency of misbehavior, the student’s attitude, the effect of

the misconduct on the school environment, and requirements of law. Because of these factors,

discipline for a particular offense (unless otherwise specified by law) may bring into consideration

varying techniques and responses.

Bartow County Schools Student Handbook 8

A student who violates school or classroom rules that are not Student Code of Conduct violations

may be disciplined by one or more of the following discipline management techniques. These

techniques may be used alone or in combination for Student Code of Conduct and non-Student Code

of Conduct violations:

Verbal correction;

Cooling-off time or “time-out”;

Seating changes in the classroom;

Counseling by teachers, counselors, or administrative personnel;

Parent-teacher conferences;

Confiscation of items that disrupt the educational process;

Behavioral contracts;

Sending the student to the office or other assigned area, or to in-school suspension;

Assignment to another classroom;


Assigned school duties other than class tasks;

Withdrawal of privileges, such as participation in extracurricular activities and eligibility for

seeking and holding honorary offices;

Techniques or penalties identified in individual student organizations codes of conduct;

Withdrawing or restricting bus privileges;

School assessed and school administered probation;

Referral to the local school’s Student Support Team;

Referral to an outside agency and/or legal authority for criminal prosecution in addition to

disciplinary measures imposed by the Bartow County School System; and/or

Other strategies and consequences as specified by the Student Code of Conduct.

Students shall be disciplined for engaging in off-campus conduct that affects the safety and welfare of

the school, staff and/or students or that has a direct effect on the discipline or education environment

of the school. Off-campus misconduct for which a student shall be disciplined includes, but is not

limited to, any off-campus conduct that is prohibited by the Georgia or United States criminal codes,

is punishable as a felony or would be punishable as a felony if committed by an adult and for which a

student has been arrested, indicted, adjudicated to have committed, or convicted.

The Bartow County School System or an authorized representative, possesses the authority to conduct

inspection of students’ school lockers, vehicles, or articles carried upon their persons. Such search

shall be based on reasonable suspicion of the presence of harmful items.

When disciplinary consequences require a conference or hearing, the Bartow County School System

will make a good faith effort to inform the student and the student’s parent or guardian of the time

and place of the conference or hearing. The school system may hold the conference or hearing

regardless of whether the student, the student’s parent or guardian, or another adult representing the

student attends.

Bartow County Schools Student Handbook 9



Students are prohibited from:

Cheating or copying the work of another;

Throwing objects;

Leaving school grounds or school sponsored events without permission;

Use of profanity, vulgar language or obscene gestures;



Damaging or vandalizing property owned by others;

Disobeying rules for conduct on school buses;

Failing to comply with directives given by school personnel;

Committing extortion, coercion, or blackmail (obtaining money or another object of value from

an unwilling person), or forcing an individual to act through the use of force or threat of force;

Name-calling, ethnic or racial slurs, or derogatory statements that school officials believe will

disrupt the school program or incite violence;

Engaging in inappropriate physical or sexual contact;

Engaging in conduct that constitutes sexual harassment or sexual abuse whether the conduct is by

word, gesture, or any other sexual conduct, including requests for sexual favors;

Possessing or using matches or a lighter;

Possessing, smoking, or using tobacco products;

Possessing or selling look alike drugs or items attempted to be passed off as drugs and


Possessing a laser pen;

Behaving in any way that disrupts the school environment or educational process;

Violating safety rules;

Repeatedly violating other communicated school or classroom standards of behavior;

Inappropriate and/or illegal use of the Bartow County School System’s electronic communication

system(s), including the Internet; and

Violating any local, state or federal laws

Using pocket pagers and other electronic communication devises other than before and after


Serious or Persistent Misbehavior

Students will also be disciplined or removed for “serious or persistent” misbehavior. The Bartow

County School System defines “persistent” to be two or more violations of the Student Code of

Conduct in general or repeated occurrences of the same violation. The school system defines

“serious” offenses to include, but not limited to, the following:


Robbery or theft;

Assault of a teacher or other individual;

Retaliation against a school employee;

The use, gift, sale, delivery, possession, or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, other

controlled substances, dangerous drugs, or abusable glue or volatile chemicals;

Bartow County Schools Student Handbook 10

Engaging in conduct that constitutes criminal mischief;

Extortion, coercion or blackmail;

Aggressive, disruptive action or group demonstration that substantially disrupts or materially

interferes with school activities;


Profanity, vulgar language, or obscene gestures directed toward teachers or other school



Public lewdness;

Sexual harassment of a student or school system employee;

Possession of knives, bladed instruments, air guns, chemical dispensing devices, fireworks,

matches, replica firearms, firearms, electronic stunning devices and other dangerous items;

Falsification of records, passes, or other school related documents; and,

Possession or distribution of pornographic materials.


Students who engage in general misconduct will be disciplined. General misconduct violations may

result in a referral to school administration, the use of any appropriate discipline management

techniques, or a request for formal removal. Any student committing behavior resulting in in-school

or out-of-school suspension shall be prohibited from participating in any school sponsored or school

related extracurricular and non-curricular activities for the length of the punishment.

A teacher who has knowledge that a student has exhibited behavior that repeatedly or substantially

interferes with the teacher’s ability to communicate effectively with the students, or with the ability of

such student’s classmates to learn, must file a report with the school principal. The report will be

filed within one school day of the most recent occurrence. The principal will send a copy of the

report to the parent, if possible, within one day of receiving it. A reasonable attempt shall be made to

confirm that the notification has been received. The notification will include information regarding

how the student’s parent may contact the principal.

If a student has been suspended for (1) threatening, striking, or causing bodily harm to a teacher or

other school personnel; (2) possession or sale of drugs or alcohol on school property; or (3)

possession or use of a weapon on school property; a Certificate of Non-Compliance will be filed with

the appropriate state authorities for the purpose of revoking the student’s Georgia driver’s license or


Any time a teacher or principal identifies a student as a chronic disciplinary problem student, the

principal shall notify by telephone call and by either certified mail or statutory overnight delivery

with return receipt requested or first class mail the student’s parent or guardian of the disciplinary

problem, invite such parent or guardian to observe the student in a classroom situation, and request at

least one parent or guardian to attend a conference with the principal or the teacher or both to devise a

disciplinary and behavioral correction plan. O.C.G.A. § 20-2-765

Bartow County Schools Student Handbook 11



A student may be expelled for:

Criminal mischief if punishable as a felon, whether committed on or off school property or at a

school related event.

Using, giving, selling, delivering, possessing, or being under the influence of alcohol, marijuana,

or other controlled substances; or engaging in conduct that contains the elements of an offense

relating to abusable glue, aerosol paint, or volatile chemicals.

Serious or persistent misbehavior if a student is already in an alternative program setting and

continues to violate the school system’s Student Code of Conduct.

Mandatory Expulsion

A student must be expelled if they are found guilty of any of the following offenses if committed on

school property or while attending a school sponsored or school related activity:

A firearm violation as defined by federal law and includes:

?? Any weapon (including a starter gun), which will, or is designed to, or which may readily

be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive.

?? The frame or receiver of any such weapon.

?? Any firearm muffler or firearm silencer.

?? Any destructive device, such as any explosive, incendiary, or poison gas bomb, or


Use, exhibition, or possession of the following, under the Georgia Criminal Code:

?? A firearm.

?? An illegal knife, such as a knife having a blade of two or more inches, any dirk, bowie

knife, switchblade knife, ballistic knife, straight edge razor, razor blade, sword, or spear.

?? A club.

?? A prohibited weapon such as: an explosive weapon; a machine gun; a short barrel

firearm; a firearm silencer; knuckles; armor piercing ammunition; or any flailing

instrument consisting of two or more rigid parts connected in such a manner as to allow

them to swing freely, which may be known as a nunchaku, shuriken, or fighting chain; or

any disc or whatever configuration having at least two points or pointed blades which is

designed to be thrown or propelled and which may be known as a throwing star or

oriental dart; or any weapon of like kind; and any stun gun or taser.

Behavior containing the elements of the following under Georgia Criminal Code:

?? Aggravated assault, sexual assault, or aggravated sexual assault.

?? Arson.

?? Murder, capital murder, or criminal attempt to commit murder.

?? Indecency with a child.

?? Aggravated kidnapping.

?? Behavior related to an alcohol or drug offense that could be punishable as a felony.

?? Retaliation against a school employee combined with one of the above listed offenses on

or off school property or a school related activity.

?? Third bullying offense.

Bartow County Schools Student Handbook 12


The Bartow County Board of Education delegates the authority to expel students to the disciplinary

tribunal. This is under the direction of the Superintendent or Superintendent’s designee.

A student may be subject to expulsion or long-term suspension for a period in excess of ten

school days for violations of school rules, rules of the Bartow County Board of Education or for

any other act of misconduct or insubordination only by action of the board of education. A

decision to suspend the student for more than ten days shall come only after the student has been

afforded notice, an opportunity for a hearing, and the other procedural requirements set forth


1. If a principal determines the misconduct of a student may require suspension for more

than ten days, or permanent expulsion, the lead hearing officer shall cause a written

notice of the charges to be prepared. This notice shall be delivered to the student and the

student’s parents or guardian by certified mail to the last known address of the parents or

guardian. The notice shall include:

A. A description of the acts of the student and the rule allegedly violated. A written copy

of the policy of the school or board of education shall be provided.

B. The names of any witnesses expected to be called at the hearing shall be given. In the

case of a student witness, the student’s name will not be given if it is anticipated that

the student will be threatened or harmed.

C. The maximum penalty which may be administered for the alleged misconduct.

D. A time and place for the hearing.

E. A copy of hearing procedures.

F. A statement that the student is entitled to be represented by counsel, and as well as

the right to present evidence, and cross-examine witnesses.

2. The burden of proof shall be on the school. Any party, including the principal,

superintendent, parents or guardians, students, any attorney representing any party, or any

tribunal member, is entitled to question witnesses about any matters which may be

relevant or related to the charges against the student or the appropriate discipline. The

hearing officer shall have the authority to limit irrelevant or unrelated questioning.

3. The lead hearing officer shall be responsible for recording the proceedings either through

the use of a tape recorder or by providing a court reporter to transcribe the evidence.

4. The lead hearing officer shall appoint a tribunal of three professional, certificated

employees of the Bartow County Board of Education if a student has:

A. Committed an alleged assault or battery upon a teacher, other school official or

employee, or

B. Committed an alleged assault or battery upon another student, and the principal

determines that expulsion or long term suspension may be the appropriate

punishment; or

C. Intentionally caused substantial damage while on school premises to personal

property belonging to a teacher, other school official, employee or student, and the

school principal determines that expulsion or long-term suspension may be the

appropriate punishment.

5. The tribunal appointed by the lead hearing officer shall consist of employees of the

system not assigned to the school which the student attends, and the tribunal shall serve

Bartow County Schools Student Handbook 13

in lieu of the Bartow County Board of Education to hear the case, determine the facts,

and reach a decision regarding the appropriate punishment.

6. The student shall be entitled to all of the procedural rights and notice set forth above. The

tribunal shall render a decision and shall furnish a copy of the decision to the student, the

parents or guardian, the principal and the superintendent within ten days. The decision of

tribunal shall be final and shall constitute the decision of the Bartow County Board of

Education unless either party should appeal the decision of the tribunal. Any party may

appeal the decision of the tribunal to the Bartow County Board of Education by filing

with the superintendent a written notice of appeal within 20 days from the date the

decision is rendered. Such notice of appeal shall set forth the decision of the tribunal as

the basis for the appeal. Any decision of the tribunal not appealed in this manner shall be

final. The superintendent, in his sole discretion, may suspend the disciplinary action

imposed by the tribunal pending the outcome of the appeal.

7. On appeal, the Bartow County Board of Education shall review the record before the

tribunal, the decision of the tribunal, and the notice of appeal and shall render its decision

in writing within ten days from the date it receives the notices of appeal. The decision of

the board of education shall be based solely on the record before the tribunal, and the

board shall not consider any other evidence in ruling on the appeal. The board may find

the facts to be different than those found by the tribunal, and the board may change the

punishment. The decision of the Bartow County Board of Education shall be final, unless

the student appeals to the Georgia Board of Education.


In the event the student to be brought before the Bartow County Board of Education or the tribunal is

with a disability or is receiving special education services from the school system; the foregoing

procedures shall be modified in accordance with the requirements of the state and federal law. The

school system’s attorney, Director of Student Support Services and Coordinator of Special Education

shall be consulted and appropriate steps taken pursuant to the provisions of the Individuals with

Disabilities Education Act of 1997 (IDEA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. This

process will be followed to determine an appropriate placement for the student and to ensure that all

of the student’s procedural rights are protected.

Bartow County Schools Student Handbook 14

Guidelines for Student Misconduct

Definitions of Terms

1) Warning – First step in addressing inappropriate behavior which may lead to additional

consequences if not following guidelines addressed in the student handbook.

2) After School Detention – student will stay after school for a period of time with supervision

by one or more teachers.

3) In-School Suspension – (Alternative Learning Center) – exclusion of a student for a

minimum of one class period.

4) Suspension – the short-term suspension of a student from a public school for not more than

ten days or long-term suspension for more than ten days pursuant to Code Section 20-2-751.

(Code 1981, § 20-2-764, enacted by GA. L. 1995, p. 240, § 2; Ga. L. 1996, p. 6, § 20)

5) Expulsion – expulsion of a student from a public school beyond the current school semester

or term.

6) DJJ – Department of Juvenile Justice

Elementary Grades Preschool – 2

Discipline steps in grades preschool through 2 are left up to the discretion of the principal, director or

his/her designee. Discipline will be progressive in nature based on the severity of the misbehavior.

Elementary (Grades 3 – 5)

Middle and High School Students

Conference with the student…………………………………... 1

Conference with the parent…………………………………… 2

After School Detention……………………………………….. 3

Community/School Service…………………………………... 4

In-School Suspension…………………………………………. 5

Short Term Out of School Suspension (1 period – 3 days)…... 6

Out of School Suspension (4-10 days)……………………….. 7

OSS Pending Tribunal……………………………………..… 8

Referral to Appropriate Authority…………………………… 9

Bartow County Schools Student Handbook 15

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Living classrooms can lead children to discover "...the wondrous complexity and diversity found in nature's systems" (Voorhis,1993,p. 23). These out door learning labs have both explicit and implicit impacts on the schools' curriculum Donivan (1993), reports that -

Discovery-oriented science motivates children to question, experiment, and discover as students ask questions, design experiments, observe and record data. and evaluate and draw conclusions, they exercise higher level thinking skills - just what we teachers want our students to do (p.29).

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