Classroom Management plan


Promoting Child Development and Learning

Students will work together to keep an organized and clean learning environment. Students will work together as a team. They will be responsible for their behavior. They will follow the school rules.

Rewards in the form of Kingston Cash will be given. Students are allowed to "spend" the cash at the school store, for icecream in the lunchroom and for special events.  

The classroom is a place for learning. We will listen to each student's thoughts. We will not make fun of our peers. We will not allow bullying of any sort. We will work together as a large group, or in small groups. Each student is responsible for their own work. While we will learn together, there will not be any information shared during testing. Cheating is not allowed. 

The teacher will observe each student's progess and make documention as required. Students will take home graded papers each week. Some of these papers will require a signuature. These documents should be returned to the school on the following day.

The teacher will request a scheduled time for parent/teacher conference. Please notify the teacher, if you are unable to attend. Parents are encouraged to communicate with the teacher on a regular basis. Phone calls and emails are acceptable forms of communication.