Information for Parents and Guardians


I believe that being a teacher is being a friend, a co-parent, a friend, an advocate, an administrator, a source of creativity, a team player…and forever a student of knowledge. 



Are unique based on their ethnic background and culture

Learn to become independent

have the ability to learn, using the 5 senses

Learn during play

have developmental differences

Disabled children need special materials in the classroom

All need love, food, shelter, and attention

 Role of the teacher with students

Foster the childs progress

Offer challenging D.A.P lessons

encourage learning of the next level

Nurture the child

Teach skills to become independent

learn alongside the child

observe and document the students progress

Encourage socially acceptable ways of expressing these feelings.

Form a partnership with the parents

Encourage the entire family to visit the classroom.

Parents can volunteer to assist the teacher in many ways. Each week a different parent is the Secret visitor

Parents enrich the classroom with ethnic background.

Parents are helpers:  come read to the class, or chaperone on a field trip

Parents should actively participate in the decision making progress of their childs education

The teacher is a resource of information for the parents

Strategies teachers can use to effectively foster learning

Physical setting-flexible for large and small group activities (room arrangement)

Intellectual engaging strategies: open ended questions, problem solving activities, discuss ideas

explain the concept of the idea with extension and simplification activities

multisensory experiences

self-discovery learning opportunities

learn through play

problem solving skills

teach social skills