Canon Pixma IX 6820 Setup


The PIXMA iX6820 helps to streamline your productiveness with special, downloadable Solution Templates. Say goodbye to the hassle of having to create every report from scratch. Canon Pixma permits you to print as big as tremendous tabloid paper size. The speed is also incredible. Even the usage of a tremendous, you handiest want to look forward to a minute to get your holiday photo on paper. In addition, it's also prepared with water/smudge resistance.

With Canon PIXMA iX6820 you could print from your PC, Mac, Android, or Apple iOS! The declare for lifetime preservation in darkish storage is also simply splendid fantastic!  So let’s get started with the basic setup along with the wireless setup. Follow the steps below and get started now.


Canon Pixma IX6820 Setup

The first step is that you need to click on the begin button and click on the control panel.

Now, you'll continue with the program and pass on packages and features.

After a while, you need to click on turn on windows features on and rancid.

Now, you will expand the print and file provider for the canon pixma ix6820 setup.

It is the proper time to test the LDP print offerings.

Eventually, you ought to click on the OK button and cancel the window of this system and its capabilities.

It is the higher hazard that you ought to proportion the home windows printer with the utilization of under-defined steps.

Do the clicking on the beginning and text the gadgets and printers in the seek text bins. Now, you will have to click on navigate on the device and printer. Thereafter, you should do the right click on the shared community and click on the printer for canon pixma ix6820 setup.

After once in a while, you have to right-click at the shared printer and click the printer homes. 

Once you have click on the sharing tab, you must use the exchange sharing option.

Then, you should test the field to percentage on the network.

Furthermore, you have to provide the name of the shared network for the canon pixma ix6820 setup.

Now, you need to click on adequate and close the properties and gadgets.


Steps For Canon Pixma IX 6820 Setup


Find instructions on the way to set up the wireless connection for your PIXMA iX6820 printer and also how to reset the printer to factory settings.

Some get right of entry to factors (now and again known as routers or hubs) feature an automatic connection button labeled “WPS” which stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup.

This allows accepted devices including your PIXMA iX6820 to connect to your network while not having to enter a password and it enables a short and clean method of connecting your gadgets.

This method is by a long way the handiest way of connecting your PIXMA iX6820, so in case your access point has a WPS button, please select the ‘WPS Connection Method’ tab beneath for commands on connecting the use of this approach.

If your router does no longer guide WPS, we've supplied opportunity instructions to get your PIXMA iX6820 linked, so please choose the 'Standard Connection Method' tab under.


Setting up PIXMA iX6820 Wireless Connection

Press the [Home] Button (A) on the printer.

Use the buttons (A) to select the [WLAN Setup] icon.

Press the left characteristic button (B).

The (blue) Wi-Fi lamp (C) lighting up whilst the wi-fi connection is enabled.

The printer will now automatically search for getting the right of entry to points supporting the WPS function.

The display on printer should be proven as under -

Press and preserve the [WPS] button on your access point for approximately 5 seconds, then release for canon ix6820 wireless setup.

For genuine commands on beginning WPS for your get right of entry to factor, please confer with its person guide.

Press the [OK] button at the printer inside 2 mins.

The (blue) Wi-Fi lamp at the printer flashes whilst searching for or connecting to the get right of entry to point.


When the screen beneath [Connected to the access point] is displayed, press the [OK] button to finish the canon ix6820 wireless setup.




We hope that now you are able to do the steps for the canon pixma ix 6820 wireless setup as explained with the steps above. If still, you are facing issues then you can contact our team as they will assist you further.