Steps To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing


Canon is a line of printers area unit versatile and powerful equipment for commercial enterprise residence proprietors, but, it’s essential to apprehend what to try and as soon as Canon printer not printing nicely. This could prevent tidy time and cash.

Having a few simple troubleshooting abilities can help you create the most of your printer whereas saving cash on affords. If you are also facing issues or unable to print then this guide will help you out.

Steps For HP Printer Not Printing


Updating the Driving For Canon Printer, not Printing

Even if your Canon Pixma printer were working nicely however currently Canon Printer not printing, the problem could be as smooth as companion degree out-of-date or corrupt printer motive force. Generally, updates from Microsoft will cause conflicts with printer drivers and special objects of hardware, consequently, it’s essential to visualize the drivers and update them if essential. 

To update the printer motive force, simply right-click on “My computer,” pick “Properties” from the menu and click on the “Hardware” tab. Click on “Device Manager” and appearance on your printer to fix the canon printer not printing.

As soon as you have got were given determined the printer, highlight it, proper-click on and pick “Update Driver” from the menu. Windows can then hunt for and deploy the right motive force.


Clean the Print Heads

To maintain your Canon Pixma printer running nicely however Canon Printer now not printing, you’ll easy the print heads now and again. 

This will make certain the correct color stability and even create the print cartridges closing longer. To clean the print heads, click on “Options” and so “Clean Print Heads.” Follow the activates to fix the canon printer not printing.


Clearing Paper Jams

If your Pixma printer is experiencing paper jams, the number one step is to elevate the plastic cover at the printer. Rummage around for any jam-packed paper and punctiliously pull that paper out from rock bottom. 

Unload all of the paper from the receptacle, fan the paper and reload is the primary motive for Canon Printer now not printing receptacle. 


Merely fanning the paper will prevent numerous paper jams because of wetness will accumulate within the printer through the years, especially if the wetness degree has been excessive due to which canon printer not printing.

As noted on top of, your cartridges may merely be empty or walking low, consequently provide them a take a look at. You’ll do this for your computer by means of getting to the panel and searching at your printer residences/cartridge status. 

It is the main Cause for Canon Printer no longer printing. This will let you know mainly what share ink or toner is left in the cartridges and whether or not or no longer they place unit causing a drag. 

Conjointly for inkjet printers, make certain the nozzles on the cartridges aren’t blocked and don’t have dried material stopping the go with the flow of ink. If they do, clean them with a gentle cloth to fix the issue of why is my canon printer not printing.

If you have got an electrostatic printer, it’s conjointly priced giving your toner cartridge a shake (make fantastic you don’t do this with accomplice degree cartridge otherwise you can discover yourself spilling ink on yourself or your environment). 

This redistributes the toner powder around the cartridge, imparting you with pretty a few lots of pages before you wish to replace it. To fix why is my canon printer not printing.

Truly seize the cartridge with every hand and lightly shake it from issue to thing, Canon Printer now not printing and up and down, for regarding ten seconds. Then pop it again on your printer and test out printing.



Now we hope that you are able to fix the issue of why is my canon printer not printing as explained with the steps above. If you are facing issues or not able to do it then you can contact our experts as they are available for 24*7 assistance.