King/Queen Bee

King/Queen Bee:

Each week a new student will be named the King or Queen Bee of the Class!  This person is my special helper for the entire week.  They are the line leader, the paper passer, the messanger, the classroom monitor, etc.  Additionally, they are required to create a poster that showcases themselves.  They will include facts and photos of their family, hobbies, favorite foods, colors, sports, subjects in school, activities they enjoy, etc.  The King/Queen Bee will share their poster with the class and the class will ask them additional questions.  Then all the students will write about our special student and we will put their writing in a special book all about our special friend.

You will be notified the week before your child is the King/Queen Bee. Our King/Queen Bees love to have special visitors.  We love to have a parent come in and eat lunch with our special student .  Some parents even come in as guest readers and share the King or Queen's favorite book with the class! 

I also ask the King/Queen's parent to make a batch of playdough to send in for our class Spelling Station.  If you are able to make a batch, we would be very grateful!  I recommend making a double batch and keeping half at home...the whole family enjoys this stuff!

Click here for a great Playdough Recipe!