Compare & Contrast for the Best Suitable Treadmill from Sole F Series

Since its small beginnings as the provider of treadmills in select hotels in the US, Sole Fitness has gained a solid reputation among consumers and peers alike. They are mostly known for developing and producing affordable but durable treadmills, such as the Sole F80—one of its most popular models to date.

How Does Each Model from the Sole F Series Differ from One Another?

Four out of the six treadmill models being offered by Sole Fitness belong to the F series. As such, there is likely going to be one that will fit your fitness requirements and budget.

To guide you in making the right choice, here is a list of pros of each F series model:

Sole F63 : 

1. Highly recommended for beginners

2. Easy to set up and store away

3. Personalized exercise sessions

Sole F65

1. More Accommodating 

2. Portability

3. Better Running Experience

Sole F80

1. User-friendly controls

2. Large LCD display

3. Longer warranty periods 

Sole F85

1. Ideal machine for strength-building exercises

2. Silent but powerful

3. Clear and vibrant display

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