The Adventure Begins in Miss Kolbrecki's Classroom!

 Dear Parents and Guardians,    

 I want to welcome you to our classroom where everyone has tons of fun while learning. My name is Annette Kolbrecki and I am your child's 2nd grade special education teacher here at Central Elementary School. I graduated from Benedictine University in May 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Special Education and I have been teaching for three years now at Central Elementary. I believe that every child learns in their own special way and deserves to be given exeptional teaching in the classroom.

 I have created a schedule filled with activities for my six wonderful students. For this coming year your child will gain academic skills along with social and life skills. Academic skills will include reading, writing, and math. During social skills activities I will focus on interaction among classmates, such as reciprocal game play (board games, role playing, and more). Life skills will include everyday daily tasks the students will learn to become more independent. Also, to give the students as much experience as possible, we will have trips set up to visit places such as the grocery store and restaurants where the children will practice their social and life skills even further. Along for our journey this year, Mrs. Green will be the classroom aid to help in order for every child's needs to be attended to. Once every few weeks we may have our principal, Mr.Brown, peek into our classroom to see how well the students are working.

 If ever you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or Mrs. Green anytime.


Phone:   (630) 257-1111   (ext.) 22


Phone:   (630) 257-1112   (ext.) 23

Principal Brown is also available anytime for questions or concerns.


Phone:   (630) 257-1110   (ext.) 01

I wil also be keeping in close contact important staff working here at Central Elementary: School secretary, nurse, psychologist, social worker, and speech pathologist. If ever you need to contact any of these individuals I, as well as Mrs. Green and Mr. Brown, will be happy to provide their contact information.