Important Classroom Rules

Classroom Rules

1.)   Be on time and prepared for class each day.

2.)  Raise your hand when you have a question or answer.

3.)  Respect others.

4.)  Use your inside voice and do not speak when others are speaking.

5.)  Keep hands and feet off of others.

-Classroom rules will be posted in the front of the classroom and by the door at all times. I will read over and discuss the rules on the first day of school. As the year goes by, as a class, we will refer back to our rules as a reminder.


When rules are not followed there will be:

  • First time: Verbal warning

  • Second time: Lose privilege for earning a token

  • Third time: Note is sent home to parents which must be signed

  • Fourth time: Parent-teacher meeting to discuss behavior plan

Good Behavior!

There are not only consequences in my classroom. Rewards will be given to those who follow the rules and are caught being good. Laughing