Exciting Weekly Newsletter

What's New this Week?

I will be posting exciting news every week and updating it by the end of each week. Our newsletter will include:

  • student of the week
  • upcoming fieldtrips
  • assigned classroom jobs
  • fun projects to prepare for
  • upcoming birthdays
  • end of the month pizza and movie days

Student of the Week is...  


Field Trip:

This week we will be taking a trip to Target to pick out small gifts for our loved ones for Christmas. We will practice choosing gifts, waiting in line, and using real money to purchase our gifts at the checkout register. Please have your child come to class with a few dollars, any amount that you wish to give. *Also, we will be wrapping our gifts later this week in class with the help of Mrs. White's 2nd grade class.

Student Jobs:

  • Homework collector:   Alice
  • Line leader:   Kasey
  • Student is charge of erasing the whiteboard:   Daniel
  • Messenger:   Maria
  • Student in charge of passing out materials for projects:   Lukas
  • Token holder:   Sofia

This week's Project:

To relate to the holidays we will be making Christmas trees with ornaments attached. Since we are learning our multiplication tables, the ornaments will have single digit multiplication problems written on them with the answers on the back. The students will decorate their tree and ornaments, and then attach the ornaments to the trees with string. The ornaments will hang from the trees so that the students can practice their multiplication by referring back to the problems on their ornaments. * Mrs. White has also kindly agreed to allow her students to come and help us with our big project. Getting together with typical peers outside of our classroom will help with increasing the students' social skills. I believe they will enjoy working with peers their age instead of always working with the classroom teacher and aide.


We Have a Birthday this Week!

December 2nd



We are having our usual end of the month pizza party! All of my students did very well this month with behavior and schoolwork. As a reward we will have a pizza party and watch a short movie the last hour of class.