Behavior Management and Data

Managing Behavior in Our Classroom

For our classroom to run smoothly, I have set up a token economy for each one of the students to keep track of to manage their behavior. An example of what the token strip will look like is pictured below. The strip has five spaces for the students to collect tokens, such as stars, to work towards a reward they can choose at the end of the day if they collect all of their tokens. As mentioned before on my Rules page, if any of our classroom rules are broken, by the third warning a student will lose privilege of earning their tokens for a reward. I do not believe in taking away points, so as a consequence the child will not be able to receive any more tokens for that day. The token strips will be placed on each students' desk and the tokens will be on the teacher's desk. When a student or students earn a token for good behavior, they will receive one to place on their strip. If a student does collect all the tokens to complete the strip by the end of the school day they will receive what they chose to be working for. If the students can keep up with collecting their tokens for the entire week, I have a treasure box in which they may pick out a small reward. Here is an example of a token reward strip I will be giving my students:

Data Keeping

To keep track of student behavior, I will be keeping data with Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA). Data will include what will best keep track of the type of problem behavior occurring, such as: frequency, duration, interval, and latency recording.

                                                Duration per                Total Duration

            Time                            Incident                       (minutes)                          Frequency 


3.15, 1.30, 6.00, 1.10

       11.55 (19%)



1.30, 4.05

       5.35 (9%)



2.45, 3.20

       6.05 (10%)