Equipment (Supplies)


Virtual Learning Suggested Supply List:

24 pencils

1 box of 10-color markers

2 packs of wide-ruled notebook paper

4 spiral wide-ruled notebooks: label math, reading, language arts/writing, extra

1 pair of scissors

2 packs of index cards, 3x5

4 highlighters

2 glue sticks






Regular school supply list:

  1   box of #2 pencils - must be SHARPENED, Dixon-Ticonderoga is recommended brand (NO MECHANICAL PENCILS)
1     pencil case with zipper (no pencil boxes) *LABEL WITH NAME
2     packages of red pens
3     packages of cap erasers
2     packages of highlighters (packages with different colors)
1     scissors, safety *LABEL WITH NAME
6     glue sticks, LARGE
1     package of colored pencils
1     package of washable markers
5     composition notebook (black & white marbled cover - no spirals) *LABEL WITH NAME AND as follows: Reading, Language Arts, Prefixes, State Book, Math
4     duo-tang pocket folder-folders must have clips and pockets (*LABEL WITH NAME AND as follows): 1 green-Homework, 1 red-Classwork, 1 purple-writing, 1 yellow-Science Notes
1     pair of headphones (for computer)
1     large family size box of facial tissues
1     package of notebook paper
1     package white computer paper
1     bottle of liquid hand soap - GIRLS
1     package of decorative computer paper
1     box, gallon size ziploc bags - GIRLS
1     box, quart size ziploc bags - BOYS
1     box of (50) sheet protectors (CLEAR, top-loading)
2     permanent sharpie markers (1 regular, 1 fine tip)
1     LARGE seat sack (can use one from previous year-also available at ACE Educational Store)
1     RED duo-tang 2-pocket folder with clips *LABEL FOR MUSIC
1     BLUE duo-tang 2-pocket folder with clips *LABEL FOR SCIENCE **also, 1 composition book for science special
1     ORANGE duo-tang 2-pocket folder with clips *LABEL FOR MEDIA
1     3-ring binder (1 1/2 inch, with pockets inside and clear cover outside)