Homework Policies


Homework is vitally important to any child's school success. It is a time for your child to review and practice important skills learned in the classroom. Studying at home enhances student achievement, helping to develop self-discipline and good work/study habits. Not only does it reflect the concepts that students are learning, but it also gives additional practice to difficult skills while enriching their evening hours. It also encourages responsibility and independence.


I know you will agree with me that it is "the practice" that helps each of us become better at whatever we try to do. Unfortunately, our school time is not long enough for students to practice everything they learned each and every day. Homework is to be assigned daily (Mon.-Thurs.) and a 15-20 minute reading time from a book, novel, or magazine of the student's choice. Homework is not a punishment and should be viewed as a way to improve academics.


Our goal is guide students to become independent and responsible learners. Please ensure that there is a consistent time and place where homework will be completed each day. Parents should look over the homework to see that their child understands the assignment and provide guidance where needed. This is an important part of the learning process so that skills we learn in class are reinforced and reviewed at home. Homework is written on the board agenda at the beginning of the week and discussed each day. It is the student's responsibility to copy the homework into their own agenda and take home the appropriate materials. You will need to initial your child's agenda each night.




Students write their homework assignments for the week in their agenda books every Monday morning. If you do not see a stamp on the top of the right page in their agenda, then it has not been checked by me, and some assignments may be missing. Homework is always due the next day unless noted in the agenda.



Homework is checked every day. Missed assignments are recorded in the Homework Book and must be made up. At the end of each marking period, students in the 100% Homework Club will be rewarded. REMEMBER: 100% EFFORT COUNTS MORE THAN 100% ACCURACY. When you do your homework, it shows in class. When you don't do your homework, it also shows. If there are more than 3 missing homework assignments in a subject area, there will be a 5 point reduction in the final report card grade for that subject.


Folders with graded work will be sent home approximately every Friday and are due back at school on Monday. In their folder will be all completed and graded work for the week. Please spend time reviewing this work with your students. Remember to praise the good grades and not just focus on the ones that are not up to par. This is a time to review concepts that they had difficulty with, and discuss what they are learning in school. Please review all of your child's work making corrections as necessary,sign the below level papers and return them in the folder, and sign the folder's log sheet. Keep any papers you wish to save for testing review.


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Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Get a Good Education!