The importance of ESD at your workspace

As per the numerous researches conducted regarding “electronic damage” says about 70% of damages of electronic units arise due to inappropriate personnel protection!

Humans are the key charge generator and they are carrying it all the time. Therefore, the primary way of being safe from the electrostatic exudations becomes antistatic clothing and anti-static tools like anti-static bench mats, anti static flooring, anti-static fleece, and static shielding bags. One of the popular mistakes is to believe in efficient ESD protection could be achieved by merely an anti-static wrist strap. But according to international standards as well EN 61340-5-1, it emphasizes the requirement of wearing especially dedicated clothing right away at the office or your workplace and in every EPA zone.

The application of antistatic clothing is one of the common practical methods of protection towards the electrostatic emanations. We suggest purchasing antistatic clothing and anti-static tools for our own protection and also for your electronic devices, this will save you hundreds of pounds in the long run. Some of the most effective ways of static prevention are:


Anti static bench mats: Anti-static floor mats also popularly known as ground mats are an example of anti-static tools that can cancel electrostatic emanation. These floor mats are also commonly known as “static dissipative matting” and they provide coverage of controlled low resistance. Basically, it is a mat that would be floored as a regular mat. Anti-static mats work as non-insulating mats, contributing no ground source so it cannot be restricted. Anti-Static mats are ordinarily secured into a floored line of an electrical outlet, removing static at a much slower rate, by the resistor earthing the mat. The resistor acts as an agent to provide a high-voltage charge to leak through to the earth creating an alternate path and through this equalisation, it helps to avoid a shock hazard whilst working with low-voltage parts or devices.

Anti-static clothing: Anti-static materials or clothing are regularly referred to as any material which restrains triboelectric charging and at we provide a huge range anti-static clothing like ESD sweatshirt, ESD T-shirt, ESD Lab coats and anti-static fleece. They work by simple science, charging is accumulated by an electric charge by the rubbing or contact with another material present in the surround. This charge could be held in clothing in the form of static electricity or energy. This can be avoided by adding a single anti-static clothing layer.

Static shielding bags: Undoubtedly, It is the most suitable idea which began during the twentieth-century era to guard important electronic devices like motherboards, RAM, hard drives and other internal parts from the Electro-Static Discharges (ESD). Not being affected with the material employed in their production, Static Shielding Bags will for certainly protect the electrical composites or parts from static damage. Some advantages of static shielding bags are as follows:

Prevention of Tribocharging.

Protection from ESD at Assembly Plants and another installation areas.

Prevention Against Atmospheric Elements like tarnishing etc

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