Classroom Overview


Classroom Procedures

  • There are many different types of objects and materials that can harm and or rupture/ puncture skin. We are all to take caution when handling these materials for they are not to be underestimated.
  • Be respectful of others. There will be no bullying in ym class and serious consequences will be held upon those who intentially destroy or dismantel other students work.
  • Be on time! We will have group warm ups. If you're not here when we do them, your whole group will suffer in your absence.
  • Make sure your sketchbook is on you as much as possible.  I will be providing you with two sketchbooks at the beginning of this term. If you misplace either of them, it is your responsibility to purchase another in order to complete the sketchbook assignments.
  • Make sure you purchase an art box to keep your supplies safe and looked after. Many materials go missing and I find it to be for you benefit to have an art box.