Course Outline

Week 1 Discussion of syllabus. Drawing from model
Week 2 Draw – front, back, side views of model. Draw corresponding views of 
Week 3 Draw three views of the head and corresponding views from the skull.
Week 4 Test on muscles of the torso. Gesture drawing with pencil, conte, and 
charcoal. Master drawings
Week 5 Begin shading exercises using conte crayon and charcoal. Master 
Week 6 Continue volumetric drawing using mass lines to give the illusion of 
form through linear shading, cross hatching and cross contour
lines. Pencil, pen, charcoal, and conte. Master drawings. Drawings
due for grading.
Week 7 Gesture drawing. Exploring pen and wash techniques on watercolor 
paper. Master drawings
Week 8 Explore chairoscuro with charcoal or conte on grey charcoal paper 
heightened with white conte. Long pose.
Week 9 Test on muscles of the arm. Gesture drawing. Studies of the hand. 
Studies of the foot.
Week 10 Gesture drawing using continuous tone and drawing using a shading 
stump and powdered charcoal. Drawings due for grading
Week 11 Gesture drawings. Long pose using powdered graphite and pencil on 
good quality drawing paper
Week 12 Detailed drawing of the head in charcoal on grey paper heightened 
with white conte.
Week 13. Test on muscles of the leg. Contour drawings. Value drawings. 
Combined contour and value drawings.
Week 14 Long pose using choice of materials.
Week 15 Long pose using choice of materials. Drawings due for grading.
Week 16.. Students choice of poses and materials. Compute and discuss grades