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6th Grade Science

6th grade Science TEKS:


6th Grade Science: March 9-13, 2009


Unit: Ch 12 Invertebrates TEKS 6.10A, 6,10B, 6.10C, 6.12B

Monday: Section 4: Echinoderms Pg 332-335

Tuesday: Chapter 12 Review Pg 339

Wednesday: Science Test

Thursday: Math Double Block


Monday: Section 3 Review Pg 335

Tuesday: Finish Chapter 12 Review

Wednesday: Test- No Homework

Thursday: None

Extra Credit: Due Thursday: Answer the following questions:

  1. Name four major groups of echinoderms.

  2. What does the water vascular system enable echinoderms to do?

  3. How does an echinoderm move?

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