Monday, 10.18.10:

No homework assignment. Parents: be on the look out for report cards; they were handed out today.

 Tuesday, 10.12.10:

FINISH YOUR COMMERCIALS! Commercial presentations tomorrow!

If you took your paragraph home to finish, make sure you finish it and return it tomorrow (Wednesday).

Thursday, 9.30.10:

 Advertisement plan (2nd and 4th blocks ONLY)

4th block ONLY: p. 554 ex. 23--only those students who did not do p. 552 talking punishment

Monday, 9.27.10-Wednesday, 9.29.10: No assignment

4th block ONLY: p. 552 ex. 20--punishment for excessive talking

Friday, 9.24.10: No homework UNLESS you didn't bring your ad on Friday or you owe make-up work!!!!!

Binder check will be on Monday! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Support Tech tonight at the football game!

Thursday, 9.23.10: Bring an advertisement to class (newspaper, magazine, internet, etc.)

 Wednesday, 9.22.10:
  • p. 508, exercise 21 #1-5--follow directions 
  • p. 509, exercise 23 #1-10--write the sentences, underline the subject once and the verb twice, circle all complements and label them according to book's directions.

Tuesday, 9.21.10: Study for make-up tests

Monday, 9.20.10:

  •  p. 505 exercise 16 #1-5
    • Write each sentence.
    • Underline the subject once and the verb twice
    • Circle each direct object and label it DO
    • Circle each indirect object and label it IO
  • Poetry Notebook
  • Complete window pane vocabulary (due Wednesday)

Friday, 9.17.10:

  • p.502 exercise 12 #1-5--write the subject and verb in each sentence
  • p.539 exercise 1 #1-5--write each sentence; underline the subject once and verb twice; circle the main clauses(s)